White and tabby
12 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Available for Adoption
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Kingston Shelter

Jeremy and his brother Godfrey came to our shelter as strays in 2006 and have been with us for 10 years.

In their decade with us, the boys have slowly come out of their shells. Jeremy is the more confident of the pair. He will sit on his perch by the kitchen door, ready to convince any passers-by feed him some of his favourite treats - temptations! When he's not eating his body weight in temptations, Jeremy loves to play and will dive, forward-roll, spin, and tackle in order to get the toy.

We consider both Godfrey and Jeremy to be long term residents who could only be homed to someone who can gain their trust at the shelter over a period of time.  Happily, both boys are very content at our shelter. They both get along with other cats, and are very accustomed to the routines of the volunteers. Whether their forever home is at the shelter or elsewhere, we know the pair will have each other's back for life.

You can sponser Jeremy, or his brother Godfrey to help with the costs of caring for them at the shelter, while also getting regular updates about their shenanigans! Learn more about sponsoring our long term residents here.