12 years
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Short Haired
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Waiting List

Wizzy is a lovely, large black cat with a gentle, sweet natured disposition.  She was adopted from CPL in April 2013 by one of our volunteers, along with a much older cat called Pudding. While the two of them initially got on pretty well, over the last 12 months, as Pudding as become older and frailer, Wizzy started to intimidate her older housemate. Over the last few months, intimidation has changed to outright attacks, leaving 19 year old, arthritic little Pudding scared and nervous.

After consults with an animal behavioural specialist, and putting in place various measures to try to improve the situation, their person has come to the extremely reluctant decision to seek a new home for Wizzy.

Wizzy is a beautiful cat, who loves to spend the evening curled up on a lap, and the nights snuggled up under the blankets in bed with her person. At 10 years old, she's still very playful and loves to chase her little foam balls around the house. When she gets a bit tired by it all, she sticks her claw into the ball and waves it around, pretending she's still chasing it.

She can be a little nervy, so really needs a quiet, adult home where she can be the only pet and enjoy a predictable routine.

As Wizzy didn't cope well with her first stay in the shelter, our volunteer is hoping to rehome her from her place, rather than put her back into an environment that caused her a lot of stress. So if you'd like to meet Wizzy with a view to adopt, please contact Kris at catageek@gmail.com to arrange a time.