Interested in fostering one of our older cats?

At the Wellington CPL, we don't put any restrictions on the age or even health of the cats that come into our care. As a result, we sometimes have elderly cats, or cats with ongoing medical issues, come into our shelter.
While all of these cats are available for adoption, should a person be willing to take that on, we find that often it's the concern of how much such a cat would cost a person in vet bills that deters people from adopting them.
To alleviate that concern, these cats are also eligible for our Foster Programme. 
While technically they remain CPL cats, the fosterer commits to love, care and feed them for the rest of their lives, while CPL takes care of all medical expenses (vet visits and medication).
So if you'd like to give a loving home to a cat in its senior years, or one that has an ongoing medical impairment, but are concerned about the cost, please get in touch with us about our Foster Programme.