Our Shelter

In 2007 we moved from our old shelter in Ohiro Road to our new, purpose built shelter at 29 Vancouver Street in Kingston.

The shelter contains a "New Entrants" room, where new cats coming in to us are quarantined for the first 7 days. It also gives them a chance to get used to the sights and sounds of the shelter in a smaller environment.

After 7 days, and once a cage becomes free in the main shelter area, the cats are moved through to their new cage, where, again, they're confined for a couple of days while they get used to their new home.

Once they're settled, they're allowed out and about the main shelter area and will only be confined to their cage overnight if, for any reason, we need to monitor their eating or output. Or if they're causing problems with the other cats.

We can care for up to 50 cats at any one time. Every cat that comes to us will be cared for until we can find them the right home. 

We're open to the public between 12 and 4pm, Saturdays and Sundays, other times by appointment. We hope to see you soon.